APRS - Amateur (radio) Position Reporting System

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netolu wrote in aprs
On the first weekend in May I was part of the communications committee for the TriCal Wildflower triathlon at San Antonion Lake, Montery county CA. We had a Xastir machine running in dispatch with a projector for the output. Many of our course vehicles had their own APRS units, either a D700 or D7A seemed to be the popular units. We also have four home-brew trackers in ammo cans and recently purchase a group of the portable AIO units.

The output from the Xastir was also piped down to the event HQ so they could monitor the course as well. TriCal seemed to have nothing but praise for this setup, and each year we attempt to improve upon the setup. Next year we figure shifting all trackers to the (a) secondary APRS frequency will ease some of the network congestion we experienced from nearby repeaters adding traffic into the net.

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Most of the trackers are configured for WIDE1-1, but the main problem is traffic from outside coming into the network. Down in the canyons around the lake the lower power HT and AIO trackers would get flooded out by the outside traffic. The digipeater that we use (one of them) is also the primary fill-in for that area.

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