APRS - Amateur (radio) Position Reporting System

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Xastir for MS-SCRAM
luno wrote in aprs
I posted briefly about this in amateurradio, however since this is an APRS-specific community, I'll be more detailed here.

I recently put together a collection of software to assist the Ham Radio volunteers for MS-Society bike events with tracking mobile APRS stations. I've built this as a virtual machine (VM) image for Sun VirtualBox, a VM platform that is free for personal use and supports Linux, MacOS, Windows and Solaris/x86 host operating systems. The "Xastir for MS-SCRAM" image is based on a stripped-down version of Xubuntu 9.04 GNU/Linux, Xastir APRS tracking software and TigerLine maps of Minnesota.

Read more about it at http://luno.org/node/66 . You'll find a download link for the software there, as well.

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