APRS - Amateur (radio) Position Reporting System

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shuralei wrote in aprs
Club Radioputeshestvennikov © - informal organization, with the aim association of radio amateurs, using legally registered radio stations in cruises, travel and other transient conditions, exchange experiences and information about travel, instrumentation, and / or conducting joint activities in accordance with approved plans club.

KRP - and this is the collection point of interest, and fascinating stories, travel, expeditions. KRP - supporters who all roads on the shoulder. Join us, will be interesting!

Now the place where we communicate, share information, talked about travel and expeditions will be located at a new, single resource for all radio clubs, including clubs and radio-travelers, as well as the radio does not consist in any clubs under the name "RADIOPUTESHESTVENNIK" - "RADIOTRAVELLER.RU", which will enable each to their own individual blog (diary), and participate in forums, make friends, photo albums and much more.


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